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StartEndTuesday July 25 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
06:30 07:30 VPoster(190): Designing a sustainable future Braveheart Gillani Virtual Room1
  1. Integrating Physical and Socioeconomic Dynamics of Sanitation Issues in Africa Furkan Önal, Claudiu Eduard Nedelciu, Hugo Herrera, Birgit Kopainsky, Saeed Langarudi  
  2. The GLU Model - Can we feed the world and survive it? Kai Neumann, Franc Grimm  
  3. Sustainable Groundwater Management in Konya Closed Basin in Turkey: Participatory System Dynamics Approach Izel Uygur  
  4. Practical application of a system dynamics-based sustainability benchmarking in the building sector: Case of Affordable Housing Ann Francis, Albert Thomas  
  5. The Agropastoralist Policy Lab (ApPL): analyzing the impacts of drought on rural Somalia and its policy implications Khaled Mohamed Soliman Gaafar  
06:30 07:30 VPoster(189): Dynamics of transitioning to a generative future Bellam Sreenivasulu Virtual Room2
Ram Santran
  6. Impact of Singapore Green Plan 2030 Initiatives on Electricity Consumption and Generation – a System Dynamics Approach Kaiyuan, Kevin Li, Bellam Sreenivasulu  
  7. Bridging South Africa's supply-demand mismatch in the electricity transitions: a system dynamics approach Josephine Kaviti Musango  
  8. Dynamics of Emission-based Production and Inventory Control System and Carbon Market: Moving towards an integrated framework Rishav Deval, Jayendran Venkateswaran, Jayendran Venkateswaran  
  9. Limits to Success of the Individualization Business Model in Digital Textile Micro Factories Juan Esteban Martinez Jaramillo, Meike Tilebein  
06:30 07:30 VPoster(169): Health resource planning, seasonal influenza modelling and Prostate Cancer diagnosis dynamics Katrina Hull Virtual Room4
Hang Vu
  10. A Hospital Resources Model for Pandemic Planning & Preparedness Caroline Green, Jim Duggan  
  11. Medical Resources Overload during the Pandemic: A System Dynamics Modelling Research Ying Qian, Jiaoling Huang  
  12. Early Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer by Dynamic Modeling and Data Science Tools Eylül Kepcen, Oya Hoban, Özlem Şenel, Yaman Barlas  
  13. Delayed discharges among patients with learning disabilities Shreya Sonthalia  
06:30 07:30 VPoster(156): Health care delivery, Urban densification and meat consumption mechanisms Mohammad Jalali Virtual Room3
Davood Qorbani
  14. Nonprofit Hospitals and the Decline of Charity Care John Voyer  
  15. Social and structural determinants of preterm birth disparities: A systematic review and a framework for variable elicitation Ruby Barnard-Mayers, Mohammad Jalali, Collette Ncube  
  16. Towards modeling health effects of urban densification Guus Luijben, Jeljer Hoekstra, Annemarie Ruijsbroek  
  17. Reducing meat consumption in the Netherlands: mechanisms that are at stake according to young Dutch adults Guus Luijben, Saskia Van den Berg, Marga Ocke  
06:30 07:30 VPoster(138): Teaching the fundamentals and extending our horizons Raafat Zaini Virtual Room5
Aysenur AYDIN
  18. Effect of Systems Thinking Approach on 2nd Grade Students' Reading Comprehension in Turkish Lessons Bilgen Ulus, Hasret Nuhoglu, Ulkem Yararbas, Emre Göktepe  
  19. Equation is not Causation Sena Yildiz Degirmenci, Emre Göktepe  
  20. HHMI BioInteractive Model Builder: An Online Application to Teach Conceptual and Stock & Flow Modeling with Automated Feedback Jon Darkow  
  21. System Dynamics Review: A Bibliometric Analysis Vibhav Pratap, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, Dr. Abhijeet Singh  
  22. Roots to New Branches: Developing Translational Simulations in Code Corne Plooy  
09:00 10:00 Parallel(121): Feedback implications of disruptive technology and policy. Business and Strategy Thread Sponsored by PwC US. Carmine Garzia Crystal
Ke Zhou, Andries Botha
  Endogenous Heterogeneity and Organizational Learning in Cancer Research Centers’ Innovation Strategy Hesam Mahmoudi, Navid Ghaffarzadegan  
  Index Fund Investment Model: A System Dynamics Approach Nanang Rosidin, Sudarso Wiryono, Oktofa Sudrajad  
  Organizational exploration, exploitation, and performance differential: A simulation model of Formula 1 competition 1970-2013 George Papachristos  
09:00 10:00 Parallel(129): Use of system archetypes to improve diversity, equity and inclusion Jyotirmay Gadewadikar Wilson
NingYuan Liu, Konstantin Plotkin
  Systemic Issues of Social Housing in England: Identifying Archetypes for a Just Transition towards Sustainability Anna Pagani, Nici Zimmermann, Michael Davies  
  Understanding Limits to Success in Equitable Investment Approaches for Black-led Community Based Organizations Irene Headen, Melanie Houston, Christine Delfino  
  Application of CBSD to Intervene on Racial Disparities in Food Access in Hayti MO Melanie Houston  
09:00 10:00 Parallel(154): Modeling economic structures and social dilemmas. Economics Thread Sponsored by International Policy Dynamics. Daniel Arthur Madison
Sara Gonella, Vibhav Pratap
  The Long-Run Endogenous Money ASD Model of the Debt Money System (Part III) – Paradigm Shift in Economics As A Science Yokei Yamaguchi, Kaoru Yamaguchi  
  MacroLab Lite for Introductory Macroeconomics David Wheat  
  Why do you keep punishing me? Investigating the role of time delays in self-governance mechanisms Ali Akhavan, Paulo Goncalves  
09:00 10:00 Parallel(164): Helping us help ourselves when facing health challenges Andrew Brown Marshfield
Amitabha Sarkar, Izel Uygur
  Systems Modelling as an approach for eliciting the mechanisms for hip fracture recovery among older adults in a GMB John Ansah, Wei-Yan Aloysius Chia, Vanessa Koh, Wei Xuan Lai  
  Reducing falls among community-dwelling older adults from clinicians’ perspectives: A systems modelling approach Vanessa Koh, David Bruce Matchar, Angelique Chan, May-Ling June Lee, Wei Xuan Lai  
  Mental wellbeing matters in obesity prevention: Exploring the role of mental wellbeing in adolescent obesity prevalence Anaely Aguiar Rodriguez, Furkan Önal, Eduard Romanenko, Mohammad Jalali, Birgit Kopainsky  
09:00 10:00 Parallel(125): Improving equity one step at a time Ellis Ballard Kimball
Mukondeleli Kanakana-Katumba, Aysenur AYDIN
  Undergraduate Education Using Group Model Building: Gender Bias in Astronomy Case Study Peter Hovmand, Braveheart Gillani, Pin Han Lee, Sabrina Wicker, Rohan Govind, Amy Churchill  
  A qualitative system dynamics model of overdose bystander behavior in the context of Connecticut’s Good Samaritan Laws Rachel Thompson, Nasim Sabounchi, Syed Shayan Ali, Robert Heimer, Gail DOnofrio, Rebekah Heckmann  
  Effectiveness of Policies and Organizations’ Partnerships in Mitigating Shocks to Fresh Produce Surplus Recovery Mariana Torres Arroyo, Luis Luna-Reyes, Christine Bozlak, Xiaobo Xue Romeiko, Roni Neff, Beth Feingold  
09:00 10:00 WIP(182): Energy transition and transportation. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Rameez Qureshi Logan
Mashudu Rathogwa, MARIA TOMAI
  What is the effect of charging infrastructure availability on electric truck adoption? An egg-chicken dynamics problem Zeinab Raoofi, Morteza Mahmoudi, Anna Pernestål  
  Energy Transition on St Helena Island Daniela Rossade  
  Retrofitting Away Climate Change: Effects of Retrofits and Heat Pumps on Grid Load, Emissions, and Fossil Fuel Prices Alexander Kuptel  
  Policy evaluation of the energy transition towards zero and low emission technologies in road land transport in Colombia Julieth Stefany Garcia Collazos  
  Speeding up transition towards sustainable transport systems – the desperate search for relevant leverage points. Thomas Berger, Henrik Ny  
  Modelling the Social Return on Investment (SROI) for Transportation Interventions in Low-Income Communities Mohammad Maleki, Janille Smith-Colin  
10:15 10:45 Special(267): AnyLogic Sponsor Demo Arash Mahdavi Crystal
Christine Tang, Vibhav Pratap
11:00 12:00 Parallel(180): New Frontiers in Sustainability. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Warren Fitzgerald Crystal
  Using System Archetypes to Understand Rebound Effect Mehdi Moghadam Manesh  
  Adaptation as a Social Trap that Delays Fundamental Solutions Towards Sustainable Futures Giovanni Cunico, Juan Rios-Ocampo, Shayne Gary  
  Recycling our way to more waste in New Zealand: Insights from systems modelling Warren Fitzgerald, Bob Cavana, Victoria Mabin, Vipul Jain  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(146): Understanding Models: tools for qualitative design, loop dominance and debugging. Methodology Thread Sponsored by Ventana. George Richardson Wilson
Robinson Salazar, Furkan Önal
  Measuring the change in behavior of a system with a single metric Billy Schoenberg, Bob Eberlein, Pal Davidsen  
  A beginners’ guide to debugging SD models Willem L. Auping, Floortje d’Hont  
  Descriptive Design Structure Matrices for Qualitative Modeling of Community Interactions Rameez Qureshi, David Ford, Charles Wolf  
11:00 12:00 WIP(117): Building business resilience, capabilities, and sales. Business and Strategy Thread Sponsored by PwC US. Jose Luis Lopez Madison
NingYuan Liu, Andries Botha
  The structure generating trends in the competitiveness of the furniture manufacturing ecosystem in Ocotlán México Edgar Hernandez Mendoza  
  The Role of Maritime Logistics Value to National Economies: A Conceptual Application with System Dynamics Andri Mubarak, Satya Sahoo, Dong-Wook Song  
  Improving resilience through the capability frontier: decisions to invest in building dynamic capability Paulo Goncalves, Mariya Andreeva  
  The Improvement of the Operational efficiencies in the Minibus Taxis Industry Mashudu Rathogwa  
  The Hidden Cost of Hidden Fees: Price Obfuscation in Online Platforms Jose Luis Lopez, Edward Anderson  
  Community engagement practices: Social dynamics in lithium mining in Portugal Alaize Dall Orsoletta, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Geremi Dranka, Paula Ferreira  
11:00 12:00 WIP(167): Social policies and health outcomes Douglas McKelvie Marshfield
Sydney Pryor, Konstantin Plotkin
  Settling for Shelter: Exploring a Dynamic Model of Housing Choice for Low-Income Families Andrew Foell, Braveheart Gillani  
  system sciences in public health for health systems and services research: Some reflections from other disciplines Amitabha Sarkar  
  The policymaking dynamics of adopting speed limit reductions: a key information interview based system mapping effort Nicole den Braver, Luc Hagenaars, Famke Mölenberg, Cédric Middel, Ana Jimenez Garcia, Carel-Peter van Erpecum, Anna Bornioli  
  Modeling the Philippines’ social health insurance program for financial stability Vicente Reventar III, Monique Ann Tiongco  
  Navigating Urbanisation Challenges in Developing Regions: Towards a Smart and Green Systems Model Nashon Adero  
  A Complexity-Aware Monitoring Guideline for Environmental Health Interventions Martha McAlister, Qiong Zhang, James Mihelcic, Casey Bartrem  
11:00 12:00 WIP(140): Embedding systems thinking in educational settings Larissa Calancie Kimball
Mukondeleli Kanakana-Katumba, Izel Uygur
  Teaching undergraduates systems thinking in multidisciplinary classrooms: LinkedIn Groups and Knowledge Building Lynette Tan  
  Models of public health archetypes to embed systems thinking in teaching curricula Jacqueline Davison, Sandra Marjanovic, Sithum Munasinghe  
  What attitudes, behaviours and beliefs are associated with systems thinking competency? Miriam Spano, Nici Zimmermann, Denise Goodwin, Denise Goodwin  
  Systems Thinking in Psychological Counseling: A Pilot Study in a Middle School Ebru Arabul Torun, Meltem Ceylan Alibeyoglu, Nesibe Gönül Durak, Emre Göktepe, Ulkem Yararbas, Phil Ramsey, Tim Joy  
  The effectiveness of educational interventions for green transformation: a system dynamics approach Ewa Duda, Agata Sawicka  
  Dear Society Members: Charting the Evolution of the System Dynamics Society Using Presidential Addresses Raafat Zaini, Michel Mitri  
11:00 12:00 WIP(133): Responding to crisis and humanitarian aid Babak Bahaddin Logan
Saman Mohsenirad, Anna R. Siemer
  Breaking the Cycle of Violence: An In-Depth Analysis of the Boko Haram Conflict in Nigeria Anayo Ogbodo  
  Flood Risk Assessment of Urban Systems: Understanding the Response Behavior of Communities at Risk Osada Peiris  
  Equitable Access to Vaccines during Pandemics: The Dynamics of Procurement Mechanisms Diepvens Charlot, Catherine Decouttere, Nico Vandaele  
  Capability Trap in Humanitarian Operations: An Interactive Simulator Feyyaz Senturk, Zakie Mamashli, Paulo Goncalves  
  System dynamics modeling for predicting socio-economic-environmental evolution in highly anthropized Mar Menor coastal areas Mahla Rashidian  
  Foreign Direct Investment-led Growth in Emerging Economies: Thailand after the Asian Financial Crisis Takayuki Yamashita  
12:15 13:45 Special(109): Career Fair & Book Signing Fernando Redivo, Meagan Colvin Exhibit Hall
Candace Sapp, Rhythm Singh
12:15 13:00 Meeting(122): Energy SIG Meeting George Matthew Wilson
Rhythm Singh, Furkan Önal
12:15 13:00 Meeting(188): Health Policy SIG Meeting (in-person) Wayne Wakeland, Rachel Thompson Crystal
Sandra Volken
14:00 15:00 Parallel(269): Social aspects of sustainable transitions. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Allyson Beall King Crystal
Mashudu Rathogwa, Solange Ayuni Numfor
  Social and environmental trade-offs in urban areas Juan Rios-Ocampo, Shayne Gary, Kerry Humphreys, Graciela Metternicht  
  Comparisons of Emotional Boundaries: A case study of water neutrality and sustainable urban development in London Ke Zhou, Nici Zimmermann  
  Key Enablers and Barriers for a Climate Neutral Energy System in the Netherlands in 2050 Vincent de Gooyert  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(166): Improving outcome and reducing risk in healthcare delivery systems Richard Ryder Wilson
Giovanni Cunico, Christopher Johnson
  Initial Steps Towards a Personalized Model of Glucose and Insulin Dynamics during Pregnancy Larissa Calancie, Mohammad Jalali  
  Addressing the Mismatched Demand and Supply of Diabetic Care Delivery Systems Under Thailand's Universal Health Coverage Borwornsom Leerapan, Phanuwich Kaewkamjornchai, Natthawut Iangtanarat  
  Systematic Mapping of Multilevel Factors Contributing to Dental Caries in Adolescents Fatima Sadjadpour, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, Bhavna Pahel, Sara Metcalf  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(150): Improving understanding of human response to public policy George Richardson Madison
Sydney Pryor, Gregorio Acuña
  A Conceptual Model of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and intervention impact on Population Health John Ansah, Robinson Salazar  
  Design Structure Matrices in System Dynamics: Modeling Community Disaster Recovery Rameez Qureshi, David Ford, Charles Wolf  
  System Dynamics Modeling of Psychological Factors in the Korean pollak (Gadus chalcogrammus) Market Chang-Kwon (Benjamin) Chung, Heon-ju Jo, Jay Eom  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(130): Understanding destabilizing global phenomena Asmeret Naugle Marshfield
Amitabha Sarkar, Anna R. Siemer
  Why Similar COVID-19 Policies Resulted in Different Outcomes: a Global, Behavioral Perspective Tse Yang Lim, Ran Xu, Mohammad Jalali, Hazhir Rahmandad, Navid Ghaffarzadegan  
  Improving E-SAM: Statistical Demographics, Sentiment & Social Identity Timothy Clancy  
  System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation of Ransomware Incidents Marcus Miller, Navid Ghaffarzadegan  
14:00 15:00 WIP(144): Innovating system dynamics methods. Methodology Thread Sponsored by Ventana. Mohammad Jalali Kimball
Saman Mohsenirad, Jessie Jessie
  Mapping Complex Socio-Technical Systems at Scale: Automating Purposive Text Analysis with Natural Language Processing Jeff Walters, Nicholas Valcourt  
  Beyond Grounded Theory as a Method for Dynamic Theory Development using Qualitative Data Ashutosh Jha, Priya Seetharaman, Rahul Kumar Roy  
  A novel flowsheet model of continuous API manufacturing process and its applications for dynamic optimization and control Ravendra Singh  
  Multi-effect Evaluation of Policy Intervention in System Dynamics: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Saman Mohsenirad, Kostas Triantis, Hesam Mahmoudi  
  Structured Semantic Descriptions of Systems Robert Allen  
  Modeling the impact of decision-making power on trust and success in public schools Catherine DiGennaro, Vicky Chuqiao Yang  
15:15 16:00 Meeting(115): Economics SIG Annual Meeting Michael Radzicki, Christine Tang Crystal
Sara Gonella, Solange Ayuni Numfor
15:15 16:00 Meeting(110): Environmental SIG Annual Meeting Joseph Londa Wilson
Giovanni Cunico, Christopher Johnson
15:15 16:00 Meeting(242): Security, Stability, and Resilience SIG Annual Meeting Sander Zeijlemaker, Asmeret Naugle Madison
Mehdi Moghadam Manesh, Gregorio Acuña
16:00 17:30 Plenary(102): The dynamics of change and Applications Award. Business and Strategy Thread Sponsored by PwC US. Kelsey Werner Red Lacquer
Jefferson K. Rajah
  A Comparison of Loop Dominance Methods: Measures and Meaning John Hayward, Paul Roach  
  Pouring new wine into old bottles: interplay among environmental dynamism, capabilities development, and performance Enzo Bivona  
  System Dynamics Applications Award J. Bradley Morrison  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(119): Innovations in business. Business and Strategy Thread Sponsored by PwC US. Allyson Beall King Exhibit Hall
Amitabha Sarkar
  Stream Wars: An interactive game to explore power dynamics in the film and TV streaming industry Carlos Ariza  
  Dominant business models and sustainable long-term growth. A System Dynamics based analysis of the Prosecco wine industry Carmine Garzia, edoardo slerca, francesco gentile  
  A System Dynamics Approach to Analyze the Effects of Trust on the Financial Performance of a Supply Chain Dyad Gerardo Acosta Voegeli  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(124): Optimizing energy security. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Enzo Bivona Exhibit Hall
Candace Sapp
  Towards Carbon Neutrality: Optimizing Power Production and Storage Capacities in Germany and Carbon Pricing in China Bo Hu, Bo Zhang  
  System Dynamics approach in Rural African context: Focus on Water-Energy-Food nexus Anna Vinciguerra, Francesco Tonini  
  Modelling Singapore’s Energy Security 2050: A System Dynamics Approach Jiong Rui Loh, Bellam Sreenivasulu  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(177): Secure energy transitions. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Santiago Arango Exhibit Hall
  The Brazilian Open Electric Market and the impact of solar PV growth Camila Reis, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado  
  Decarbonizing the public bus fleet in the city of São Paulo until 2038 Tainara Volan, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Caroline Rodrigues Vaz  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(230): Sustainability. Environment and Resources Thread Sponsored by Credit Human. Jean Ellefson Exhibit Hall
  What are Sustainable Plastics? A Review of Interrelated Problems and Solutions. Sara Gonella, Vincent de Gooyert  
  Sustainable Financing Model for Financial Service In (Bank) on Carbon Trading in Indonesia Dian Permata Sari Mashari, Tri Edhi Budhi Soesilo  
  Using System dynamics to Better Understand the Dynamics of Reliable Availability, Affordability, and Cleaner Electricity Hassan Qudrat-Ullah  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(228): Improving health policy Daniel Arthur Exhibit Hall
  Mapping food system drivers of the double burden of malnutrition: a case study in Peru Carmen Quinteros Reyes, Paraskevi Seferidi, Laura Guzman-Abello, Ellis Ballard, Antonio Bernabe Ortiz, Christopher Millett  
  Estimates of the Reproduction Number for Seasonal Influenza Infectious Disease in the European Region from 2012 to 2016 Nabeela Mumtaz, Jim Duggan  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(211): Stretching boundaries: education, data collection, and deep machine learning. Methodology Thread Sponsored by Ventana. Mohammad Jalali Exhibit Hall
  System Dynamics in Ireland; Past, Present and Future Research and Education Opportunities Sinead Madden  
  A Qualitative Causal Loop Diagram Representing the Drivers and Barriers of the Industrial Hemp Market in Ireland Sinead Madden  
  Toward an integrated use of system dynamics and deep machine learning; a case of groundwater dynamics Gholamreza Eslamifar, Ilya Zaslavsky, Alexander Fernald  
17:45 18:45 TableTalk(136): Stakeholder engagement Min-Ren Yan Exhibit Hall
Sandra Volken
  Exploring the Influence of Learning Analytics and Interactive Multimedia Experiences on Student Learning Experience Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia  
  Unlocking Equality and Sustainability in Scientific Vocations Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia, Ivan Taylor  
  Industry 4.0: Digital technology for advanced continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing Ravendra Singh  
18:45 20:00 Special(265): Banquet (in-person) Red Lacquer
20:00 21:00 Plenary(266): Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony Rebecca Niles, J. Bradley Morrison Red Lacquer
Jefferson K. Rajah