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StartEndTuesday August 6 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
08:30 10:00 Plenary(117): Social Dynamics Inge Bleijenbergh Dragefjellet
  Structural - Cultural Alignment in Organizations A Systems Perspective Scott Page  
  Conserving Paradise Simulation: A Roleplaying Game on the Tradeoff between Economic Growth and Environmental Degradation Florian Kapmeier, Paulo Goncalves, Marsela Bebic, Daniel Uphoff  
  Gender Inequality dynamics: Women’s participation and performance in competitive chess in the Netherlands Jeroen Struben  
10:00 10:45 Other(303): Ventana Sponsor Demo Anthony Kennedy
10:00 10:45 Other(302): isee systems Sponsor Demo Karim Chichakly
11:00 12:00 WIP(177): Agile Development and Systemic Transitions Yutaka Takahashi
  System Dynamics and Systems Thinking in Entrepreneurship Research: a systematic literature review Daniel de los Rios Pérez  
  A Dynamic Perspective on the Large-scale Agile Implementation in a High-tech Developing Firm: A Case Study Zahra Shams Esfandabadi, Bob Walrave, Alex Alblas, Stijn Corstjens  
  To solve the Agile development dilemma by Improving Rework Model Akihiro Sakaedani  
  Resolving the paradox of organizational change by focusing on the cognitive gap among top management, middle, and frontline Akihiro Sakaedani  
  Using systems archetypes to reach a wider audience and unpack complex challenges: the case of energy transitions Brunilde Verrier  
  Systemic lock-ins in the waste management system and the transition towards circularity in Accra Maria Tomai, George Papachristos  
11:00 12:00 WIP(182): Industry, Sustainability, and Market Analysis
  The Importance of Utilizing AI in the Transformation and Reformation of Iran's Banking Industry: A SD Approach Vahid Hajihatamlou, Mohammadhashem Moosavihaghighi, Semail Ulgen  
  A System Dynamics Model for the Development of Innovation Districts Jorge Duran  
  Scenario Simulation and Forecasting of the Financial Viability Requirements for Microalgae based Carbon Capture and Utilization Rossen Kazakov, Bing Xu  
  Analyzing the effects of forest disturbances on the wood market Theresa Boiger, Annechien Hoeben, Raphael Asada, Johannes Mohr, Rupert Seidl, Tobias Stern  
  A Card Game Bet on Design as the Input Data for a System Dynamics Business Model Eva Šviráková  
  An Adaptive Framework for Complexity Management and Long Term Sustainability of Outer Space Etim Offiong, Michael Ayomoh, Ivan Taylor  
  Modeling of the competitiveness of the furniture manufacturing business ecosystem in Ocotlán México Edgar Hernandez Mendoza, Humberto Perez Ortiz, Roberto Osorno Hinojosa  
11:00 12:00 WIP(180): Recycling, Renewable Energy, and Decarbonization
  Modeling household e-waste recycling behaviors in regulatory and non-regulatory states Yuan-Yuan Lee  
  Estimating material recovery from PV modules: The case of Sweden. Beatriz Pérez Horno  
  End-of-life battery supply chains with remanufacturing: A system dynamics model Giovanni Zenezini, Giulio Mangano, Gabriel Castelblanco  
  System Dynamics Modelling of Technical Innovation Systems: The Case of Wind Turbines in Germany Christian Lerch, Yvonne Beck, Rainer Walz  
  Assessing the dynamic impact of afforestation on climate change John Sterman, Andrew Jones, Florian Kapmeier, Joshua Loughman, Krystal Noiseux, Bethany Patten, Juliette Rooney-Varga, Lori Siegel  
  Industry Policies Fostering SDGs in Net Zero 2050 Scenario Gerardo Acosta Voegeli, Ivan Taylor, Enrique Baquela, Saroj Koul, Héctor Rocha, Víctor Herrero  
  System Dynamic models for the design of national decarbonization pathways: a case study of Catalonia Joan Enric Alcover Comas  
11:00 12:00 WIP(181): Community Resilience, Food Supply, and Security
  Fostering Community Governance of Nature-Based Solutions for Urban Stormwater Management: An Analysis of Power Decentralization Simon Muwafu, Maria Manez  
  Food Acquisition and Distribution Chain of the Acolhida Operation Luiza Cunha, Afonso Henrique Silva, Irineu de Brito, Hugo Yoshida Yoshizaki  
  Stress testing of food supply chains for future pandemics: a system dynamics modeling approach for a porcine supply chain Nezihe Nazli Gul, Sander de Leeuw, Rodrigo Romero Silva  
  Development of a farm-scale system dynamics model of salmon cage aquaculture for climate change impact assessment Suleiman Omale Yakubu  
  Assessing the availability of veterinary services in a rural municipality in Antioquia (Colombia) John Heider Davila Davila, Yony Fernando Ceballos  
  Dynamics of National Security Strategy Augusto Figueiredo  
11:00 12:00 WIP(166): Advancing Education, Climate, and Crisis Training
  Analyzing Pre-service Teachers' Mental Models on Climate Change Using Systems Thinking Nazmiye Ertuğrul, Gaye Ceyhan  
  Evaluating the Feedback Thinking Level of Pre-Service Science Teachers through Scenarios Ülkü Seher Budak, Gaye Ceyhan  
  Towards Fostering Systems Thinking Competence within a Co-Emerge Lab for Regenerative Futures Ananda Wyss, Michael von Kutzschenbach  
  Mainstreaming Climate Content into Traditional Curriculums: Using Group Model Building to identify priorities and pathways Parul Bakhshi, Ellis Ballard  
  Exploring Optimized Group Modeling to Enhance Fishers' Acceptance of Digital Transformation Policies Seoyeon Oh, Chang-Kwon (Benjamin) Chung, Jieun An  
  Towards A Framework for Crisis Management Training Grounded in System Dynamics – an Interdisciplinary Research Program Bjorn Bakken, Gunhild B. Sætren, Mass S. Lund, Inger Lund-Kordahl, Jonas R. Vaag  
11:00 12:00 WIP(168): Computational Methods for Dynamic Modeling
  Bridging System Dynamics and AI to grasp at knowledge and learning gaps Corne Plooy, Carla Van Riet, Nico Vandaele, Catherine Decouttere  
  Integrating Simulation Modeling with Large Language Models to Evaluate Spatially-Aware Strategies for Pandemic Response Ilya Zaslavsky, Johnny Lei, Rishi Graham, Mark Handcock, Ravi Goyal, Eliah Aronoff-Spencer  
  CHIMES : A tensor-Based python library for dynamical system modeling Paul Valcke  
  Enhancement of Burns algorithm Mira Mauleshova, Milan Houška, Igor Krejci, Robert Hlavatý  
  Quantifying causal relationships by means of multiple domain models for the climate change mitigation and adaptation nexus Martin Zach, Enst Gebetsroither  
11:00 12:00 WIP(179): Technology Adoption and Transportation
  Unraveling the Complexities of Regulatory Compliance and Industry Behavior in Railroad Technology Adoption Raymond Smith, Tarek Abdel-Salam  
  Modeling the Business Dynamics of Shared Micromobility Fleet Development Shahnaz Nabila Fuady, Yusak Octavius Susilo, Paul Pfaffenbichler  
  Exploration of Human Factor Impact on Technology Adoption in Warehouse Operations using System Dynamics Model Nur Hazwani Karim, Chandra Balijepalli, Anthony Whiteing  
  The Impact of Regional Mobility Systems on Residential Choice of Highly Skilled Workers and Macroeconomic Performance Marvin Siegmann, Florian Lewalder, Michael Roos, Elias-Johannes Schmitt, Christian Stehr  
  The role of airports during the transformation towards hydrogen based aviation Karen Ohmstede, Thomas S. Spengler  
  Impact of optionality in charging station investment on the dynamics of electric vehicle diffusion Davood Qorbani, Emil Dimanchev, Stein-Erik Fleten  
  Analyzing the relationship between AI adoption in autonomous ships, time/money saving,and overall energy consumption Isra Ahmed  
12:00 12:30 Special(298): Lunch Networking Rebecca Niles
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(194): Business Improvements
  A System Dynamics Analysis of Rebound Effects of Digital Textile Microfactories in the Fashion Industry Luis Stütz, Juan Esteban Martinez Jaramillo, Meike Tilebein  
  A Systems Thinking Approach to Investigating the Economic Rationale for Modularization in Semi-Automatic Assembly Systems Gary Linnéusson, Simon Boldt  
  Traversing Learning Health System Paths: Insights from Literature and Simulation Samuel Allen, Carlos Calvo Hernandez, Samer Atshan, Peter Mendel, Warren Farr, Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(206): Fairness and Wellbeing
  Inequality and wellbeing William Grace  
  The Endogenous Money-Interest ASD Model of the Debt Money System (Part IV) - Built-In Unfair Income Distribution and Inflation Yokei Yamaguchi, Kaoru Yamaguchi  
  Well-being Oriented Policy Making: Synergies between the Capability Approach and System Dynamics Guido Veldhuis, Kees van Dongen  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(209): Transitions and Adaptability
  How SD modelling facilitates the transition process to sustainable assets Michel Kuijer, Arjen Ros, Stefan Salome  
  A dynamic model of almond productivity loss due to Xylella fastidiosa Adrián Flores García, John Yanez Dobson, Cesar Bordehore  
  The role of system dynamics modelling in understanding and supporting integrated natural resources management Janez Susnik  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(198): Optimizing Marine Reserves, Fisheries, and Industrial Symbiosis
  Optimising profits through analysing non-linearities between Marine Reserves, Fishing Effort and Subsidies Cesar Bordehore  
  An Age-Structured Fisheries Dynamic Model: The Importance of Net Selectivity for Long-Term Biomass and Economic Success John Yanez Dobson, Cesar Bordehore  
  Applying the systems thinking and modelling toolbox to industrial symbiosis Andrew Simons, Shane Carnohan, Rickard Fornell, Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Elin Wallin  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(210): Innovations in Healthcare: Therapy, Decision Support, and Maternal Health
  From Emergency to Adaptation: Leveraging Transdisciplinary Research for Global Health threats Catherine Decouttere, Paulo Goncalves, Corne Plooy, Nico Vandaele  
  From static to dynamic, the transformation of a health care program cost data into an open-source decision support tool Bradley Kramer, Jessica Jones-Smith, Karin Nelson, Vincent Fan, Bryan Weiner  
  A Group Model Building Process to Address the Rise in Cardiovascular Severe Maternal Morbidity Among Black Women in NorthTexas Saeideh Fallah-Fini, Michael Lemke, Kyrah Brown, David Lounsbury, Deneen Robinson, Thanayi Lambert  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(201): Strategizing Health and Climate Change John Ansah
  Understanding the Impact of Climate Change on Abortion Access in Florida using Systems Dynamics Modeling Danya Birnbaum, Justine Maffei, Rachel Thompson, Turner Canty, David Lounsbury, Nasim Sabounchi  
  Health and Wellbeing Impacts of Climate Change Interventions – an Integrative Review for Floods and Heat Mariya Andreeva, Paulo Goncalves  
  Strategizing towards a Hospital of the Future: A Case Study on Collaborative Long-range Complex System Design Ashish Kumar, Sean Shao Wei Lam, Sze Ling Chan , Yingqi Xu , Yao Ge, Geoffrey Gui Kah Tack, Hiang Khoon Tan  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(197): Enhancing Education: CLDs, Societal Resilience, and Epidemic Simulation
  Developing and Field-testing a Rubric for Evaluating Students' Causal Loop Diagrams Kim Kastens, Wayne Wakeland, Thomas F. Shipley  
  Teaching a Course in Societal Collapse and Resilience Elizabeth Ling Lee Ong  
  Group model building as a pedagogical strategy to simulate Covid-19 Epidemic Roberto Villasenor  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(195): Advancing Modeling: Validity, Business Solutions, and Hybrid Simulations
  Enhancing Validity in Qualitative System Dynamics Modeling: Reflections on Triangulation and Member-Checking Mahshid Zolfaghari, Biljana Meshkovska  
  Streamlining Complexity: A Comprehensive Approach to Business Problem-Solving Through Systems Thinking and Business Analytics Hassan Qudrat-Ullah  
  Bridging Modeling Methods: A Formalism to Specify Hybrid Simulation Models on the Conceptual Level Joachim Block  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(217): Resilience and Adaptation in Operations
  Deploying buffering strategies in pork meat supply chains to deal with disruptions Saeed Taheri, Gideon Gideon van der Stelt, Nezihe Nazli Gul, Sander de Leeuw  
  Supply Chain Management in Response to Climate Change Ryleen Balawanth , Paulo Goncalves, Paulo Savaget, Thayla Zomer  
  Dynamics of How Adaptive Practices Bring Resilience to Emergency Departments J. Bradley Morrison  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(212): From Disinformation to Radicalization
  Developing serious games with the help of CLD's to decrease the vulnerability of students and citizens to Disinformation Ole van Allen  
  The Evolutionary Public Opinions on Social Media in the Context of Infodemic: an SD modelling approach Ying Qian, Jiaoling Huang  
  The dynamic radicalization process and violent behaviour of Incels Tess Jongsma, Jefferson K. Rajah  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(204): Integrated Community Approach
  Interpersonal relations, emotion and decision making support: conceptualization and a proposal for measurement Etiënne Rouwette, Gerhard Schwarz  
  Integrated approach to identifying and designing interventions to address local adolescent mental health needs Megan Keenan, Ediane Santana de Lima, Leanne Freeman  
  From Concept to Practice: Group Model Building for Community-Clinic Linkage Design Brita Roy, Kelsey Werner, Ellis Ballard  
12:30 13:30 TableTalk(200): Transport and Mobility
  An Optimization of Inventory Model at Seaports Using a System Dynamics Approach Mohammadhashem Moosavihaghighi, Damoon Razmjooei, Mohamad Tahamtani , Semail Ulgen  
  Enhancing Value Creation in Freight Forwarding: A System Dynamics Perspective Andri Mubarak, Satya Sahoo, Dong-Wook Song  
  Using System Dynamics Modelling to Determine the Impact of Charging Electric Vehicles on the Hourly Load Profile and Household Nalini Sooknanan Pillay, Andries Botha  
12:30 13:30 VPoster(229): Tourism, Energy Systems, and Economics
  1. Input-output system dynamics model of regional tourism Takayuki Yamashita  
  2. Capital-Human (In)stabilities: A Constructive Framework for Self-organized, dissipative Macroeconomics Models Paul Valcke  
  3. Dust and Ash Plant Maintenance in power plant dynamics Sello Koloane, Mukondeleli Kanakana-Katumba, Rendani Wilson Maladzhi, Kgabo Mokgohloa  
  4. Assessing the Cross-Border Effects of Climate Change Response Measures on Iran's Energy-Economy System Kian Ebtekar, Hossein Khajehpour, Abbas Maleki, Saeed Langarudi  
12:30 13:30 VPoster(224): Energy Transition and Sustainable Solutions
  5. Estimating Green Hydrogen production in Brazil Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Cosme Borges, Caroline Rodrigues Vaz, Enzo M. Frazzon, Yvonne Beck, Rainer Walz, Monica C.S. Abreu  
  6. Uncovering The Complexities of Solid Waste Management in Barangay Carmen: Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Solutions Ingrid Yvonne Madrial  
  7. How Participatory Modeling Could Contribute to Climate Resilient Policy Design in a Data Scarce Environment Natalia Ciobanu, Ali Saysel  
  8. Challenges and Opportunities in the Energy Transition towards 2050: The Case of Colombia Isaac Dyner, Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia  
12:30 13:30 VPoster(226): Teaching, Film Studies, and Strategic Thinking
  9. Systems Thinking and Stories Phil Ramsey  
  10. More than art imitates life – An interdisciplinary systems thinking approach to bridge the causality gap in Film Studies Lynette Tan  
  11. Systems Thinking makes you Wise, System Dynamics helps you test that Wisdom Mihir Mathur, Kartik Bitra  
12:30 13:30 VPoster(225): Integrative Methods for Complex Simulations
  12. Analyzing sustainable development strategies through multi-method integration in the Green Economy Model Georg Pallaske  
  13. System Dynamics and Machine Learning Combined Approach to Simulate Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Banking Industry Fandhy Siregar, Dian Masyita  
  14. Dynamic Shares: a novel mechanism for many-to-many allocation in system dynamics Margarita Mediavilla  
  15. Presenting Uncertain Scenarios Bob Eberlein, Billy Schoenberg  
12:30 13:30 VPoster(228): Interventions in Dairy, Justice, and Society
  16. Preventing Radicalization Ivan Taylor, Jorge Andrick Parra Valencia, Francisco Araujo  
  17. Creating Win-Win Situations by Intervening on Leverage Points: The Case of a Dairy Production Value Chain Lucas Meneguim  
  18. Experiencing Homelessness in California John Voyer  
  19. System Dynamics Modelling to Understand Pendency of Criminal Cases in the Indian Justice System Anshul Agrawal, Maya Narayan, Om Damani  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(127): Integrating AI and System Dynamics Ignacio Martinez-Moyano
  Loop Polarity Analysis to Avoid Underspecification in Deep Learning Donald Martin, David Kinney  
  Simulation and ChatGPT: Large Language Models as Tools for Model Analysis Ivan Dula, Tabea Berberena, Ksenia Keplinger, Maria Wirzberger  
  Generative AI and Simulation Modeling: How Should You (Not) Use Large Language Models Like ChatGPT Ali Akhavan, Mohammad Jalali  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(122): Substance Use Dynamics
  A Systems Perspective on Stimulant-Involved Overdose Deaths: Evaluating Dynamic Hypotheses Zeynep Hasgul, Hannah Lee, Arielle Deutsch, Mohammad Jalali, Erin Stringfellow  
  Dynamics of Prescribing and Accessing Medications for Opioid Use Disorder: A Community-based Systems Analysis Tianna Herman, Zeynep Hasgul, Tse Yang Lim, Mohammad Jalali, Erin Stringfellow  
  A dynamic modeling analysis of the opioid use disorder cascade of care in New York State Rachel Thompson, Justine Maffei, Derek Blevins, Turner Canty, Matthew Lootens, David Lounsbury, Gary Hirsch, Terry Huang, Nabila El-Bassel, Nasim Sabounchi  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(124): Transitioning to Sustainable Systems Leonard Malczynski
  Critical minerals and the energy transition William Grace  
  An Ecosystem Model of Post Mining Land Use Karim Chichakly, Mayra Zevallos, Paul Hesketh  
  Analysis of Policy Measures and Feedback Effects on Industry Transformation Towards Carbon Neutrality Sören Ahlfs, Karsten Kieckhaefer  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(132): Participatory and Design Thinking Andrew Brown
  Social Benefits of Participatory System Dynamics Modeling in a Wildlife Conservation Context Erica Rieder, Lincoln Larson, Birgit Kopainsky, Nils Peterson, Mitchell Eaton  
  More Than Analysis Problems: A Call to Use GMB/CBSD to Address Coordination Problems in Public Health Sarah Pritchard, Stephanie Mazzucca  
  Reflections on Emerging Practice: Intersection of System Dynamics and Design Thinking Kelsey Werner, Ellis Ballard  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(137): Health Impacts and Service Delivery
  Projecting the likely impact of COVID-19 infections on the prevalence of Dementia in the United States John Ansah  
  Community Health Worker Led Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors Prevention and Management John Ansah  
  Tertiary Cath Lab Services in Northern Ireland: Endogeneity of Commissioning Sarah Boyar  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(138): Simulating Health Dynamics and Well-Being Pascal Gambardella
  Extending a Global Climate-Population Model to Simulate Impacts on Human Well-Being Jack Homer  
  Impacts of Salt Intake Reduction Interventions on Medical and Long-term Care Costs in Japan Fatin Aminah Hassan, Nobuaki Minato, Takehiro Sugiyama, Nobuo Nishi, Nayu Ikeda  
  Determining Anopheles Mosquito Life Expectancy. A System Dynamics Approach. Santiago Movilla Blanco  
14:00 15:00 Parallel(133): Energy Justice, Efficiency, and Monetary Theory
  Toward Fairer Transportation: Modeling Energy Justice in Electric Vehicle Operation Alaize Dall Orsoletta, Rudolph Oosthuizen, Geremi Dranka, Paula Ferreira  
  System level impacts of electrification on road freight transport efficiency - a System Dynamics approach Zeinab Raoofi, Claudia Andruetto, Rod MacDonald  
  Using system dynamics with Minsky to prove the core tenets of Modern Monetary Theory Stephen Keen  
15:15 16:00 Special(105): Career Fair Fernando Redivo
15:15 16:00 Feedback(190): Sustainability Management and AI (Mis)Uses
  Aspects of sustainability and resilience of food supply capabilities in Norwegian and Swedish agriculture and food systems Harald Ulrik Sverdrup  
  A practical framework for using SD models to make allocation decisions in crisis situations: The Agropastoralist Policy Lab Khaled Mohamed Soliman Gaafar  
  System Dynamics Modelling in species management: the case of the beaver Anna Treves, Giovanni Zenezini, Elena Comino  
  System dynamic modelling of individual AI from open innovation dynamics JInHyo Joseph Yun, Kyungbae Park  
  Counteracting the Threat of Deepfakes through the Authentication of Digital Educational Material in a University Christine Meier  
15:15 16:00 Feedback(191): Collaborative Approaches for Resilience
  Co-designing restrictive practice elimination: A systems thinking approach with mental health service users and practitioners Stephanie Bennetts  
  Understanding expert perspectives on the mental health care system. Uncovering system silos with a participatory approach Daan Bos, Floortje d'Hont, Saba Hinrichs-Krapels  
  Towards developing individual and team resilience: A systemic intervention Irene Nikandrou  
  PROTECT – Centre for Preparedness and Crisis Management Bjorn Bakken, Gunhild B. Sætren, Mass S. Lund, Inger Lund-Kordahl, Jonas R. Vaag  
15:15 16:00 Feedback(192): Challenges in Sustainability and Management
  Sustainability Dynamics: Exploring the Green Supply Chain Challenges of Semiconductor Industry via a System Dynamics Approach Jiun-Yu Yu  
  Building Bridges for Different Insights - Combining System Dynamics and Agent-Based Modelling in Entrepreneurship Research Kristine Heimdal  
  Smart Project Portfolio Management for The New National Capital City (IKN) Development Using System Dynamics Lukas Sihombing  
  Dynamics of Fiscal Space and Debt Sustainability in Macrosystem Hennadii Hryhoriev  
15:15 16:00 Meeting(277): Economics SIG Michael Radzicki, Christine Tang
15:15 16:00 Meeting(287): Brazilian Chapter Karim Chichakly
16:00 17:30 Poster(148): Climate, Sustainability, and Human Impact
  Human Dynamics and its effect on sustainability of the Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris) population: Evidence from Bangladesh Vasanth Kamath  
  A Systems Approach to Climate Change, Water and Wellbeing Nicola McDonald  
  Earth4All - insights from translating “Too Little Too Late” and “Giant Leap” into national contexts of the GS & GN Spittler Nathalie  
  From Linear to Circular: A Holistic Framework for Sustainable Transition in the AEC Sector. Dominik Hartmann, Marijana Sreckovic  
  Effects of Human Intervention in the Brazilian Amazon Francisco Araujo, Bertha Baez  
  1816, A Year Without Summer. Francisco Araujo  
  Dynamic Analysis of Construction Process - Lesson Learned by Stock and Flow model of large infrastructures Gaetano Iovino, Eduardo Franco, Stefano Armenia  
  Feature balance of scale and scope of data in AI platform firms Makoto Kimura  
  Mapping Key Drivers for Carsharing in London Through a Systems Thinking Approach Ningyou Hou, Jon-Erik Dahlin  
  System dynamics modelling to assess transport demand and economic viability of autonomous shuttles for rural public transport Astrid Guehnemann, Oliver Roider, Roman Klementschitz  
16:00 17:30 Poster(147): Farming, Energy, and Sustainability
  Where Will Food Come From? A Look at the Potential of Vertical Farming in Norway with a System Dynamics Simulation Model Aidan Sliwkowski, Jefferson K. Rajah  
  Ocean’s Future to 2050 - Highlights of Aquaculture Demand and Production Modules Erica McConnell  
  Article: Bridging complexity for hybrid perspectives: Modifying the Bass System Dynamic & Rogers Agent-Based Models Sinead Madden  
  Article: The Hemp in Agriculture for Carbon Sequestration (HACS) Simulation Sinead Madden  
  Impact of agriculture on nutrient pollution of the Potomac river: A case of animal farming in three counties Aklilu Tilahun Tadesse  
  Leveraging Sector Couplings within a Hydrogen Valley to Advance Sustainability Goals: Case BalticSeaH2 Kimmo Karhu, Jani-Pekka Jokinen  
  Navigating the Dynamics of Battery Operations in Off-grid Mini-grids: A Systems Approach Omkar Buwa, Anand B. Rao, Jayendran Venkateswaran  
  Modeling the slow adoption of heat pumps in Germany with System Dynamics Anna R. Siemer  
  Hydrogen's Role in the Global Energy Transition Onur Ozgun  
  Modelling EU27’s Emission Offset Strategy for Achieving Long-Term 2°C Mitigation Targets Ilaria Perissi, Aled Jones  
16:00 17:30 Poster(150): Health Systems Strategies and Insights
  Simulation modeling of nurse reallocation management strategies in response to emerging infectious diseases Gukgeun Lee, Eun Kyoung Yun, Sangman Kwak  
  Exploring the Alternatives for Health System Robustness and Coping with Changes during Infectious Disease Disaster Situations Sungmo Jung, Eun Kyoung Yun, Keun Hee Yoo, Jiuhn Lee  
  Trend Analysis of Unintended Consequences of COVID-19 Response Policies During the pandemic : A Focus on Nurses Kyungah Woo  
  Using System Dynamics to Predict Health Trends in China: A Close Look at Healthy Life Expectancy Junlai Zhang, Mark Heffernan  
  Simulating the Mechanism of Empowering People through Health Education and Its Effect on Decreasing Cost Nasim GhanbarTehrani, Hamed Khosravi, Hamid Ghaemi  
  Analysis of Causal Loop Structure in Hospital Staff Management during pandemic: Insights for Business Continuity Hye Min Byun, Eun Kyoung Yun, Keun Hee Yoo, Sunmi Kim  
  The backlog problem: addressing the demand capacity gap on NHS elective care Hugo Herrera  
  Understanding the impact of asset failure on patient harm within an acute healthcare setting David Jones, Martin Kunc, Sally Brailsford  
  Supercharging Our Theory of Change for Equitable Health and Well-Being Globally Tami Gouveia, Braveheart Gillani  
  Tailoring GMB for Acute Mental Healthcare Co-Design: Insights and Innovations from Lived-Experience Engagement Tari Forrester-Bowling  
16:00 17:30 Poster(149): Insights on Education and Stakeholder Perspectives
  LunaSim: A Lightweight, Web-Based, Open-Source System Dynamics Modeling Software Karthik Vedula, Sienna Simms, Aditya Patil, Ishan Khetarpal, Mark Estep  
  Reflections and Insights on System Dynamics Pedagogy Braveheart Gillani, Callie Ogland-Hand  
  The Delft method: Introducing System Dynamics Modelling from practice to theory Floortje d'Hont, Willem L. Auping  
  Bridging the Divide: Reconciling System Dynamics and Systems Thinking on Shared Characteristics & a Common Order Timothy Clancy, Raafat Zaini  
  Revising the modelling line. A case report on curriculum change for simulation modelling methods Willem L. Auping, Floortje d'Hont  
  An Interactive Dynamic ‘Diving Simulator’ to Train Novice Scuba Divers “ScubaGame” Ismet Mert Nardal, Elif Atilgan, Şuheda Erduran, Yaman Barlas, Gönenç Yücel  
  Digital Storytelling and Sustainable Systems Education for Children: Reflections on Participatory Learning Min-Ren Yan, Yu-Wen Hung  
  Dynamics of Youth Violence and the Prevention Efforts of Fútbol for Good Programs in Colombia Eduardo De la Vega, Erica Rieder  
  Information and worldviews influence in unclear goals decision-making Giovanni Cunico, Shayne Gary, Kerry Humphreys  
  How Stakeholders' System Boundary Perceptions Change and Shape Simulation Models Ke Zhou, Irene Pluchinotta, Pepe Puchol-Salort, Yuhong Wang, Nici Zimmermann  
16:00 17:30 Poster(151): Methodology
  Games therapy, system insights and dementia, a first analysis Harald Ulrik Sverdrup  
  Using PID Control for Theory Development and Policy Design: Methods and Analysis Samuel Allen  
  Simulation-Based Generation and Analysis of Multidimensional Future Scenarios with Time Series Clustering Patrick Steinmann  
  System Dynamics Literature Reviews: a new method for theorizing Kornelia Kerti, Inge Bleijenbergh  
  Forecasting Postal Performance via System Dynamics, Metamodeling and Transfer Learning approach Hamidreza Izadbakhsh, Marzieh Zarinbal  
  How to operationalise the social in social-ecological models and simulations: Two mutually linked perspectives Ronald Bialozyt, Martina Roß-Nickoll, Richard Ottermanns, Jens Jetzkowitz  
  Trusted Simulation: An Organizing Framework for Considering Model Quality Asmeret Naugle  
  Evolving Program Construction at the System Dynamics Conference Bob Eberlein, Billy Schoenberg, Sara Metcalf  
  A Determination Framework for Causal Inference Jeff Trailer  
  Practitioner experience with system dynamics applications Leonard Malczynski  
16:00 17:30 Poster(152): Security, Sustainability, Transport and Economic Analysis
  Simulating the Dutch cocaine trade Mieke Struik  
  Where do terrorists come from? Deterrence-related insights from modeling the spread of fanatic behavior Ignacio Martinez-Moyano  
  Decision-making in Ransomware Capability Development: Persona-Driven Simulation Prem Sagar, Sander Zeijlemaker, Michael Siegel  
  Bicycle Helmet Laws, Safety-In-Numbers, and Bikeshares Ben Pearre  
  Inclusivity in the Workspace: a Causal Loop Diagram and Toolbox Sebastiaan Deuten  
  Towards sustainable net-zero buyer-supplier relationship: An approach to quantify green bullwhip effect Rishav Deval, Jayendran Venkateswaran, Jayendran Venkateswaran  
  Development of a groupmodel building-based workshop for an ex-post process evaluation of local mobility services Valerie Batiajew, Astrid Guehnemann  
  Food security and food aid; persistent insecurity Bernhard Rootinck  
  Innovation Gains Luis Lopez  
  Modeling the global macroeconomic system for next generation world-Earth models: The economy of FRIDA v1.0 Martin Breda Grimeland, Billy Schoenberg, Beniamino Callegari  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(119): AI and System Dynamics Etiënne Rouwette
  SDGym: Low-Code Reinforcement Learning Environments using System Dynamics Models Emmanuel Klu, Sameer Sethi, DJ Passey, Donald Martin  
  Integrating AI Language Models in Qualitative Research: Replicating Interview Data Analysis with ChatGPT Mohammad Jalali, Ali Akhavan  
  The Transformative Potential of Large Language Models for System Dynamics Modeling NingYuan Liu, David Keith  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(142): Dynamics of Projects and Pricing
  Project Simulation: Rethinking the "Expected Completion Date". Erich Alexander Voigt, Alan Graham  
  The Hidden Cost of Hidden Fees: A Dynamic Analysis of Price Obfuscation in Online Platforms Jose Lopez, Edward Anderson  
  Dynamic Behavioral Model Uncovers Conditions for Administrative Bloat Vicky Chuqiao Yang  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(139): Human Reaction from Metabolic to Behavioral Ignacio Martinez-Moyano
  Modeling of Postprandial Response Dynamics Across Metabolic Health States Using Adaptive Reference Points Gizem Aktas, Koen Wessels  
  Simulating effects of food intake and physical activity on glucose dynamics: a case study Larissa Calancie, Mohammad Jalali, Ali Akhavan, Christina Economos  
  On the description-experience gap, and human reaction to dynamic systems Ido Erev  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(125): Energy Transition Scenarios
  Quantifying the 2050 scenarios for Colombia’s electricity sector transition Juan F. Parra-Rodas, Jessica Arias-Gaviria, Yris Olaya, Santiago Arango  
  Navigating uncertainty for informed policy: the case of energy transition scenarios Matteo Palucci, Jalomi Maayan Tardif, Vasco Medici  
  Materials Challenges in the Electric Vehicle Transition Andy He, David Keith, Hyung Chul Kim, Robert De Kleine, James Anderson, Matthew Doolan  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(123): Population Dynamics Mark Heffernan
  Gentrification Dynamics: Towards a Dynamic Theory of Green Gentrification. Lucas Meneguim, Vedansh Patel  
  City’s Attractiveness as Magnet for In-Migration Anab Kidwai, Anupam Saraph  
  Maintaining and Improving Habitability in the Pacific Emily Nabong, Jeff Walters, Aaron Opdyke  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(144): Hybrid Modeling
  Incorporating Deep Learning into System Dynamics: Amortized Bayesian Inference for Likelihood-free Parameter Estimation Hazhir Rahmandad, Ali Akhavan, Mohammad Jalali  
  Birds of a Feather: Clustering Mental Models to Explore How People Think Alike Sami Nour, Navid Ghaffarzadegan, Aritra Majumdar, Niyousha Hosseinichimeh  
  Debiasing Human Response Estimations in Dynamic Models: Exploring the Significance of Delay Structure and Asymmetries Kian Babaei Shalmani, Catherine DiGennaro, Hazhir Rahmandad, Navid Ghaffarzadegan  
17:30 18:30 Parallel(130): Organizational Dynamics and Sustainability
  A Dynamic Model on Organizational Learning and Forgetting based on “Serious” Errors NingYuan Liu  
  Beyond a Journey: A Theory of the Supply Chain Sustainability and Circularity Odyssey Samuel Allen, Khalid Saeed, Sharon Johnson  
  Outlining the Dynamic relationships between Quiet Quitting and Firm Performance in Turbulent Environments Enzo Bivona, Francesco Ceresia, Giovanni Scire  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(199): Business and Innovation Raafat Zaini
  The dangers of centralized, algorithmic management: A model Johan Chu, Jason Friedman  
  Exploring the operating mechanism of the open innovation system for China’s 6G development Haiyan Yan, Huili Liu, Xinyue Yan, Jiayin Qi, Liangchen Hua, Yuxin Zhang  
  Epiphanies and the Systems Paradigm: Towards the Discovery of a Systems Thinking Red Pill Todd White  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(211): Challenges in Development and AI
  Cross-sector partnerships for building systems thinking capacity for Workforce Development Nishesh Chalise, Ellis Ballard  
  Waterfall-Agile challenges in software development projects Jorge Sousa, Etiënne Rouwette, Leonard Malczynski  
  Investigating the Structural Changes Caused by the Development and Adaptation of AI on Human Life Through Utilizing a SD Model Mohammadhashem Moosavihaghighi  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(216): Diversity and (In)equality
  Overcoming Policy Resistance to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts Ruth Sessler Bernstein  
  Reflections on Mutual Learning between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and a White System Dynamicist Andrew Brown, Fiona Mitchell, Troy Walker, Simone Sherriff, Karen Hill, Jennifer Browne  
  Addressing inequality in organizations: Group model building on harassment in academia Inge Bleijenbergh, Monic Lansu  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(214): Frameworks to Advance System Dynamics
  System Dynamics Review (2017-2023): A Literature Review Weizheng Xie, Xiaojing Jia  
  Multi-functionality of Nature-based Solutions - a systems view Willem Kruip, Lieke Hüsken, Jill Slinger  
  A Framework for Evaluating the Macro-financial Stability and Economic Resilience of Small Open Economies Jide Lewis  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(205): Policy Dynamics in Sustainability
  Integrating Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability: China's Policy Dynamics Bo Hu, Bo Zhang  
  Policy Assessment for the Advance of the Sustainable Development Goals in Angola Fernando Redivo, Carla Susana A. Assuad  
  Spiraling Opposition: Feedback Loops in Energy Politics Alexander Kuptel  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(208): Sustainability
  Untangling Coopetitive Tensions for Sustainability: A System Dynamics Exploration Siarhei Manzhynski  
  Leveraging Systems Thinking and Modeling to Tackle Global Development Challenges Jeff Walters, Nicholas Valcourt  
  Repurpose or recycle? Simulating end-of-life scenarios for EV batteries Juliane Seika, Merla Kubli  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(196): Energy Around the Globe
  Challenges in auction-based policy legitimacy for Brazil’s wind power industry Milton M. Herrera, Mauricio Uriona Maldonado, Alberto Méndez-Morales  
  Long-range electricity demand forecast and sector evolution using the NESTAS System Dynamics Model: A case study of Nigeria. Michael Aba  
  Waste & Energy in Sweden’s circular economy: Collaborative system dynamics and choice modelling Shane Carnohan, Andreas Nicolaidis Lindqvist, Shiva Habibi, Agnieszka Hunka, Mar Edo  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(202): Behavioral Drivers in Consumption and Health Saeideh Fallah-Fini
  Human behavioural drivers of meat consumption: Using group model building to capture lived realities Jefferson K. Rajah, Birgit Kopainsky  
  Integrating Consumer Choice Experiments and SD Supply Chain Modeling to Increase Vegetable Consumption in Kenya Charles Nicholson  
  System Dynamics as a Tool to Support and Design Guidelines for Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Control in Sub-Saharan Africa Özge Karanfil, Ilir Agalliu, Mohamed Jalloh, Gary Hirsch, David Lounsbury, Timothy Rebbeck  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(218): Education Transformation
  Artificial intelligence and the transformation of higher education institutions Evangelos Katsamakas, Oleg Pavlov, Ryan Saklad  
  Towards SDGs Education with Sustainable System Development for Yushan National Park in Taiwan Min-Ren Yan, Yi-Cheng Chu  
  Introducing Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Models in Economics Education Oleg Pavlov, Bob Cavana, Khalid Saeed, Michael Radzicki, David Wheat, Brian Dangerfield  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(215): Methodological Support for Analysis and Learning
  Spreadsheets – an organization’s bane or boon? An exploratory study using system dynamics modelling. Nalini Sooknanan Pillay, Andries Botha  
  Do causal loop diagrams stimulate the use of information and systems thinking? Guido Veldhuis, Eefje Smits-Clijsen, Rob van Waas, Tineke Hof , Valentina Maccatrozzo, Etiënne Rouwette, Jose Kerstholt  
  An Inter-disciplinary approach to the planning, sustainment and resilience of sociotechnical systems Beryl Bellman, Ann Reedy, Prakash Rao  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(207): From Learning Cycles to Policy Analysis
  Group Model Building for Sustainable Environments: Learning cycles and visualization in systems thinking Ke Zhou, Elzavira Effendi , Irene Pluchinotta, Gemma Moore, Nici Zimmermann  
  White-box metamodeling: understanding the effect of aggregation on the use of white-box models for policy analysis Stefan Salome  
  Exploring the application of qualitative and quantitative generic model structures in investigating dynamic complex phenomena Daniel Guzzo, Igor Czermainski de Oliveira, Daniela Pigosso  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(213): Strategies for Military and Emergency Response
  Vying for Survival: Bolstering a Proxy Actor's Military Capability Blaine Jones, JD Caddell  
  Reducing Veteran Suicide Risk in the USA Karim Chichakly, David Rozek, Katherine Dondanville  
  Rewiring the Human Brain: Mastering Helicopter Emergencies through System Dynamics Steven Smith  
19:00 20:00 TableTalk(203): Stakeholder Engagement and Development Challenges
  Assessing the Impact of Co-Creation in Urban Development Matthias Papesch, Tobias R Moeller  
  Gaining Meta Understanding in Complex Situations. Development of an Evaluation Template Susan Traeber-Burdin, Margaret Varga  
  Trust and Group-Decision-Making Behavior: a System Dynamics Perspective Federico Barnabè  
19:00 20:00 VPoster(227): Bridging Workforce Gaps and Organization Strategies
  1. Ohio’s Broadband and 5G Sector Partnership: a systems approach to bridging workforce gaps Julie Maurer  
  2. Approach to assess factors affecting laboratory workload during a pandemic situation Maxim Reimche  
  3. Investigating the interconnections between corporate culture, person-organization fit and turnover intention: A case study Anastasia Hanzis  
  4. Navigating Complexity: Enhancing Strategic Thinking for Dynamic Environments Gloria Perez Salazar, Guillermo Gandar-Fierro  
19:00 20:00 VPoster(230): Algorithmic Fairness, Adolescent Suicide, Environmental Education
  5. A Systems Thinking Approach to Algorithmic Fairness Christopher Lam  
  6. Characterizing Loop Dominance Patterns with Application to a Developmental Theory of the Dynamics of Adolescence Suicide Eyvind Hovmand Warner, Peter Hovmand  
  7. The Effect of Solving Environmental Problems with System Dynamics on Eighth-Grade Students’ Comprehension of Linear Equation Ece Unsal  
  8. De-Beefing the U.S. Agrifood System: A Qualitative System Dynamics Approach Sydney Pryor, William Dietz