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All times are for Bergen (UTC+2)
StartEndMonday July 22 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
17:00 18:00 Special(323): Practice Session A Billy Schoenberg Virtual Room Main
StartEndThursday July 25 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
09:00 10:00 Special(324): Practice Session B Andries Botha Virtual Room Main
StartEndTuesday July 30 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
13:00 14:30 Workshop(235): Anti-Agile Tetris - How To Make Systemic Change Jakub Perlak Virtual Room1
13:00 14:30 Workshop(236): How to Present Your System Dynamics Work to Policy Makers Fernando Redivo Virtual Room2
15:00 16:30 Workshop(237): Getting Virtually Started with Stella Bob Eberlein, Karim Chichakly, Billy Schoenberg, Hilary Allen Virtual Room1
15:00 16:30 Workshop(291): The Road to 10% - A Systems Thinking Approach to Global Transformation Tracy Benson, Sheri Marlin Virtual Room3
17:00 18:00 Plenary(115): General Business Meeting Allyson Beall King Virtual Room Main
18:00 19:00 Special(296): Virtual Career Fair Fernando Redivo Virtual Room3
18:30 19:30 Roundtable(272): Opportunities for applying a systems lens in workforce development Nishesh Chalise Virtual Room1
18:30 19:30 Roundtable(273): Ethical Considerations in System Dynamics Modeling Raafat Zaini, Timothy Clancy Virtual Room2
StartEndWednesday July 31 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
02:00 03:30 Workshop(239): Building System Dynamics Models From the News Diana Fisher Virtual Room1
02:00 03:30 Workshop(256): Exploring the Spaces in Between the Identity Structures: How we get out of the identity ‘check boxes’ Bethany Snyder, Braveheart Gillani Virtual Room2
14:00 14:30 Plenary(310): Virtual SOC Welcome Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
14:30 15:00 Plenary(311): CLDs & Full Models: Which to Use and Why Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
15:00 15:30 Plenary(312): CLD Conventions and SD Best Practices Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
15:30 16:30 Plenary(313): SOC: Expert Keynote Address by George Richardson Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
16:30 17:30 VPoster(314): Virtual Poster Session and Angel Advising Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
  1. A Systems Dynamic Approach to Eradicate Modern Slavery in the Australian Construction Industry Aileen Koh  
  2. A System Dynamics Approach to Improving Treatment and Medical Access of Individuals With Sickle Cell Disease Asha Dees  
  3. Hopes, Fears, Barriers, and Facilitators in Moving from Oilfield to Eco-Centric Masculinities: A System Dynamics Approach Braveheart Gillani  
  4. Bridging the gaps between the Vaccine Supply Chain and Viral Transmission Rajdeep Singh, R K Amit, Krishna Mohan Thazhathu Valiyaveettil  
  5. Exploration of Human Factor Impact on Technology Adoption in Warehouse Operations using System Dynamics Model Nur Hazwani Karim, Chandra Balijepalli, Anthony Whiteing  
  6. Dynamic Effects of COVID-19 on HPV Vaccination Rates Among Adolescent Boys in New York State Jose Mazariego, Nasser Sharareh, Heidi Jones, David Lounsbury, Turner Canty, Nasim Sabounchi  
  7. An Interactive Dynamic ‘Diving Simulator’ to Train Novice Scuba Divers “ScubaGame” Ismet Mert Nardal, Elif Atilgan, Yaman Barlas, Gönenç Yücel  
  8. What Was In Jay's Mind? Extracting Mental Models Through Generative Artificial Intelligence Maxwell Langsam, Raafat Zaini  
  9. Modeling Teacher Experience Disparities Across Socioeconomic Divides Max Lawrence  
16:30 17:30 VPoster(330): Virtual Poster Session Celia Stafford Virtual Room Main
  10. Optimizing Structured Graphs Modelling using Supervised Machine Learning: Case of Indonesian Banking Performance 2015 – 2021 Fandhy Siregar, Dian Masyita  
  11. Analyzing Biases in Banking Strategic Planning: Prioritizing Profitability vs. Stability. Fandhy Siregar, Dian Masyita  
  12. A Framework for Quantifying Community Disaster Resilience Using Participatory System Dynamics Modelling Approach Hisham Tariq  
StartEndSaturday August 3 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
18:00 19:00 Special(300): Policy Council Meet & Greet Allyson Beall King