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StartEndWednesday August 7 - Session TopicChairs and PresentersLocation
08:30 10:00 Plenary(193): Policy and Health Saeideh Fallah-Fini Dragefjellet
  Modeling Dynamic Systems in the Public Sector: Opportunities to Inform Policy Margaret Brandeau  
  A Simultaneous Simulation of Human Behavior Dynamics and Epidemic Spread: A Multi-Country Study Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Ann Osi, Navid Ghaffarzadegan  
  Model-based educational policy development in Latvia Andra Blumberga, Ritvars Freimains, Pal Davidsen  
10:00 10:45 Special(107): Speed Networking B Fernando Redivo, Rebecca Niles
10:00 10:45 Meeting(285): Japan Chapter Yutaka Takahashi
10:00 10:45 Meeting(274): MIT SD Club Steven Smith, Cynthia Garde
10:00 10:45 Meeting(280): Oceania (Australasia) Chapter Chris Browne
10:00 10:45 Meeting(289): BeNeLux Chapter Merel van der Wal
11:00 12:00 Parallel(131): Policy, Pollution, and Waste Management
  Using System Dynamics participatory modelling to support international river basin policy discussions: The case of the Lielupe Henry Amorocho-Daza, Ingrīda Brēmere, Daina Indriksone, Pieter van der Zaag, Jill Slinger, Janez Susnik  
  A Comprehensive system dynamics model for air pollution management in metropolitans Roya Soltani, Nasim GhanbarTehrani, Hamidreza Izadbakhsh  
  Balancing people, planet, and profit in urban food waste management Ali Parsa  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(146): Trust and Learning Effects
  Modeling social trust in forest resources management: a case study in wild celery habitat of Zagros forests Alireza Jafari, Mohammad Hemmat, Saeed Langarudi  
  Fairness and Reciprocity in the Buyer-Supplier Relationship of a Dynamic Production System Julia Horn, Andreas Groessler  
  Conquering Stock Flow Failure: effects of a 20-minutes intervention measured immediately afterwards and long-term Vivien Lungwitz  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(129): Climate, Capabilities, and Sustainability Jeroen Struben
  Investigating the potential value of seasonal climate forecast in agricultural decision-making: case of Vestland-Norway Nada Oubrhou  
  Characterizing the Capability Frontier: Key attributes determining the development of capabilities Paulo Goncalves, Mariya Andreeva, Feyyaz Senturk, Zakie Mamashli  
  Growth and impending decline in groundwater dependent agriculture: simulation modeling to inform sustainability policies Izel Uygur, Ali Saysel, İrem Daloğlu Çetinkaya  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(136): Training and Educational Programs
  Lessons Learnt from the Design and Delivery of a National SD Training Programme to the National Health Service in England Sion Cave, Emma Woodham, Stephen Curram, Vanessa Perez Perez, Edwin Magombe  
  Blending System Dynamics and Design: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Transforming Educational Systems Ellen O'Neill, Rachel Matsumoto, Janet Velasquez Trejo, Saras Chung  
  Teaching with Loops That Matter in the classroom Billy Schoenberg, Jefferson K. Rajah, Birgit Kopainsky  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(135): Data, Uncertainty, and Hybrid Modeling
  Using Synthetic Data to Compute Effective Sample Size for Improved Uncertainty Estimation of System Dynamics Models Jason Friedman  
  An Exploratory Evaluation into the Effect of Data Availability and Indicator Coverage on Parameter Estimates using HMC Jim Duggan  
  Description of a Hybrid Multi-Method Approach of System Dynamics and Agent-Based Modeling: A Case Study of the Norwegian Dairy Takuma Ono, Hugo Herrera  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(128): Gaming and Addiction
  System Thinking in Game Design: Advanced game design for entertainment games, serious games and gamification Anders Nordby  
  Modeling the epidemics of the internet gaming disorder with system dynamics approach Yunus Emre Kırlı, Yaman Barlas  
  Getting High in New York State: the challenges and opportunities of cannabis legalization April Roggio  
11:00 12:00 Parallel(140): Long-Term Coordination Programs
  A System Dynamics Model of Community-Based Health Insurance System in Bangladesh Md Nurnabi Sheikh, Susan Howick, Shehrin Shaila Mahmood, Syed Manjoor Ahmed Hanifi, Alec Morton  
  Implementing Community-based Falls Prevention Programmes: A Systems Modelling and Participatory Approach Vanessa Koh, Angelique Chan, David Bruce Matchar  
  Dynamic Analyses of Proposed Supply Chain Coordination Programs for the US Dairy Industry Charles Nicholson  
12:00 12:15 Special(299): Lunch Networking Rebecca Niles
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(270): In memoriam: Jac Vennix Etiënne Rouwette
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(266): Aggregation and Disaggregation in System Dynamics Stefan Salome, Michel Kuijer
  Roundtable: Aggregation and Disaggregation in System Dynamics Stefan Salome, Michel Kuijer  
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(271): Communicating Effectively with Policymakers for Greater Influence Tami Gouveia
  Roundtable: Communicating Effectively with Policymakers for Greater Influence Tami Gouveia  
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(267): Designing Community-Engaged System Dynamics Practice Andrew Brown, Ellis Ballard, Tiana Felmingham, Kelsey Werner
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(269): Incorporating a Systems Approach in University Education: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies Meagan Colvin, Chris Browne
  Roundtable: Incorporating a Systems Approach in University Education: Opportunities, Challenges, and Strategies Meagan Colvin, Chris Browne, Rod MacDonald, Michael Radzicki, Etiënne Rouwette, Allyson Beall King, Wil Thissen, Hyunjung Kim, John Sterman, Rebecca Niles  
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(268): Multimethod Modeling for Promoting Peace, Stability and Resilience Christine Tang, Asmeret Naugle
  Roundtable: Multimethod Modeling for Promoting Peace, Stability and Resilience Christine Tang, Asmeret Naugle, Ilya Zaslavsky, Alexandria Sedar, Nancy Hayden, Alexander Fernald  
12:15 13:15 Roundtable(265): Professional Practitioner Roundtable Saras Chung, Al Walker
14:00 15:00 WIP(167): Corporate Decision Making and Biodiversity
  An Adapted Version of Forrester’s “Scope of Management Decisions” Diagram for the Practice of Evidence Based Policy Andrada Tomoaia-Cotisel, Samuel Allen, Chris Nelson, George Richardson  
  A Study on the Impact Mechanisms of Environmental Regulatory Policy Mix on Corporate Environmental Behavior Jing Peng, Liping Shan  
  A dynamic model of invasive aquatic plant Egeria densa: valorisation and impact on rice crops Adrián Flores García, John Yanez Dobson, Cesar Bordehore  
  A Socio-Economic Model of the Effects of the Invasive Species Rugulopteryx Okamurae John Yanez Dobson, Cesar Bordehore  
  Long-term Effects of Bioeconomy Adoption on Biodiversity Conservation Patricia Kaetsu  
  Valuing Innovations in Aquacuture - Cure4Aqua Horizion2020 Research Update Maurice Glucksman  
14:00 15:00 WIP(186): Sustainable Food Systems and Security
  National food security: towards a New Sustainable Food System (FS) in Burkina Faso Henri Joël Sourgou, Arnaud Diemer, Matteo Pedercini  
  Do digitally enabled food sharing platforms matter in a circular economy? A qualitative System Dynamics model for food sharing Meisam Ranjbari, Zahra Shams Esfandabadi  
  Forecasting agri-food transition and meat consumption through system dynamics and narrative economics Tianchu Lu  
  The Dynamics of Unhealthy Food Availability in Dutch Supermarkets Cedric Middel, Chiara Colizzi, Coosje Dijkstra, Joline Beulens, Joreintje Mackenbach, Wilma Waterlander  
  Modeling generalized household dynamics in a famine system Alexandra Thorn, Paul Howe, Elena Naumova, Udita Sanga  
  Pressure, Hold, and Release: Understanding Famine Dynamics and System Collapse in Somalia Udita Sanga, Paul Howe, Elena Naumova, Alexandra Thorn  
14:00 15:00 WIP(178): Climate Resilient Sustainable Systems
  System dynamics approach for Climate Resilient Development in coastal cities Marion Perney, Mauro Moreno, Francesco Giannino, Mattia Federico Leone  
  Venice Lagoon's Blue Carbon: Seagrass and Salt Marsh Carbon Storage Dynamics Sebastian Raimondo, Carlo Giupponi, Federico Cornacchia, Perla Irasema Rivadeneyra Garcia  
  Measuring the Socio-Economic Impact of New-Generation District Heating Networks Utilizing Renewable Energies Riccardo Marchetti  
  Bioeconomy transitions in Norway Hugo Herrera  
  Modeling the adoption of innovations and their implications for soil health in an arable agriculture system Lukas Bayer  
  Towards Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems: Agent-Based Modelling of Agroforestry and Mixed Farming Ali Parsa, Marco Van De Wiel, Ulrich Schmutz  
14:00 15:00 WIP(185): Pandemic Preparedness and Health Interventions Etiënne Rouwette
  Enhancing Pandemic Preparedness:Multi-layered Dynamic Simulation Modeling for Intervention Strategies Targeting Indoor Settings Büsra Atamer Balkan, Jizzo Bosdriesz, Joey Fang, Colin Teberg, Mikhail Sirenko, Guido Camargo España, Alexander Verbraeck, Quirine ten Bosch  
  Dynamic Effects of COVID-19 on HPV Vaccination Rates Among Adolescent Boys in New York State Jose Mazariego, Nasser Sharareh, Heidi Jones, David Lounsbury, Turner Canty, Nasim Sabounchi  
  Strengthening European Laboratory Capabilities and Public Health: A Dynamic Model for Epidemic Preparedness Carla Van Riet, Corne Plooy, Nico Vandaele, Catherine Decouttere  
  Managing global emergency vaccine stockpiles: bridging perspectives between theory and practice Donovan Guttieres, Carla Van Riet, Catherine Decouttere, Nico Vandaele  
  Dynamic Modelling of Improved Diagnostic Testing to Reduce Amplification of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in High Burden Settings Marya Getchell, John Ansah, Dodge Lim, Ramon Basilio, Carmen Corpuz, Francis Tablizo, Surakameth Mahasirimongkol, Waritta Sawaengdee, David Bruce Matchar  
  Tech Burden and Why Well-Intentioned Systems Become Unbearable Celia Stafford  
  Social Housing, Sustainability, and Health: Exploring the Mental Models of Stakeholders in the Sector Anna Pagani, Nici Zimmermann  
14:00 15:00 WIP(184): Educational Insights, Mental Wellbeing, and Resilience
  Dynamics of teachers’ professional agency for quality education Merel van der Wal  
  Methodological insights from large-group causal mapping in a rural area with strong competing claims. Merel van der Wal  
  Revealing the core system engine of the experience of anxiety Ling Bai, Nicholas Walsh, Laura Biggart, Ana Mijic  
  Re-Imagining Educational Policy Development Assisting Highly Mobile Students in America Karin Tidgewell  
  What makes children in Afghanistan resilient? Evidence from an ecological analysis of mental wellbeing causal loop diagrams Jean-Francois Trani, Yiqi Zhu  
  Useful Macroeconomics A Call for Reviewers David Wheat  
14:00 15:00 WIP(176): Advancing Public Health and Policy Andrew Brown
  Employment trends, population mental health and gender differences Shreya Sonthalia  
  Addressing Structural Violence of Lead Exposure for Advancing Environmental Justice Callie Ogland-Hand, Tanis Quach, Michael Espay, Leandrow Thomas, Robin Brown, Peter Hovmand  
  Uncovering the Dynamics of Telehealth Implementation and Its Unintended Consequences: A Case of Rural Australia Sagda Osman, Kate Churruca, Louise A. Ellis, Jeffrey Braithwaite  
  Adapting the SOURCE Model for Opioid-Related Deaths in Canada: A Dynamic Approach to Policy Development and Analysis Tara Sadeghieh, Rebecca Plouffe, Hesam Mahmoudi, Eva Graham, Karin Johnson, Mohammad Jalali  
  A systems perspective on multisector partnerships for hypertension control Mia Vogel  
  System Dynamics Modeling of Mortality Burden Attributable to Particulate Matter in South Korea Sera Kim, Chang-Kwon (Benjamin) Chung, Jong-Tae Lee  
14:00 15:00 WIP(174): Participatory Approaches to Complex Challenges Hugo Herrera
  Evaluating Participatory Systems Dynamics: a protocol Irene Pluchinotta  
  Navigating Complexity through Transdisciplinary Research: Advancing Stakeholder Engagement in Participatory System Dynamics Pepe Puchol-Salort, Yuhong Wang, Ke Zhou, Irene Pluchinotta, Nici Zimmermann  
  Developing a systems thinking perspective for a regulator: A transdisciplinary process Anaely Aguiar Rodriguez, Arfenia Nita, Nici Zimmermann  
  Unraveling the Complexity of Volcanic Risk: A Participatory Systems Approach to Mt. Taranaki's Socio-Economic System Martyna Wala  
  The Role of Group Model Building in Facilitating Decision Makers’ Systems Thinking Competencies Development in Complex System Arfenia Nita, Nici Zimmermann, Dzhordzhio Naldzhiev  
  Participatory System dynamics modelling for collaborative flood infrastructure planning and decision-making Sabuhi Essa  
  Accelerating system-level reforms in mental healthcare: The role of co-designed system dynamics modelling Tari Forrester-Bowling, Stephanie Bennetts  
15:15 16:00 Special(108): Speed Networking Online Raquel Froese Buzogany, Rebecca Niles
15:15 16:00 Meeting(284): Asset Dynamics SIG Michel Kuijer
15:15 16:00 Meeting(279): Environmental and Natural Resource (Water, Energy, and Land) SIG Joseph Londa, Christine Tang
15:15 16:00 Meeting(282): Transportation SIG Astrid Guehnemann, Gillian Harrison
16:00 17:30 Plenary(116): Sustainability Merla Kubli Dragefjellet
  Towards a “fit for purpose”, fully coupled, integrated, and interdisciplinary world-Earth model - FRIDA Version 1.0 Billy Schoenberg, Cecilie Mauritzen, Adakudlu Muralidhar, Benjamin Blanz, Jannes Breier, Martin Breda Grimeland, Sarah Mashhadi, Jefferson K. Rajah, Lennart Ramme, Chris Wells  
  Leverage Points Towards Degrowth: Insights from an Exploratory Study with Four Large Housing Associations in London Anna Pagani, Al Walker, Alex Macmillan, Arfenia Nita, Michael Davies, Nici Zimmermann  
  Implications of urban development growth strategies on societal wellbeing Juan Rios-Ocampo, Shayne Gary  
17:30 18:00 Plenary(101): Closing Ceremony
18:15 19:45 Special(114): Volunteer Dinner Meagan Colvin